there are few english pages but of all. English pages maked on (E)

Look in to the ID_sticker on Macintosh6100 by lupe,
the sticker had printed back side on special sheet
that looks like processed with emboss on the face.

mission.1:Get the customized ID_stickers of 6100 !
mission.2:Get the customized ID_stickers of 8500,7500 and others !

Customized ID stickers for 6100 have presented by "The party of making strongest 6100",
It was released for only members of the party.
But if you are Macintosh user,
we will supply these stickers to you as lot as 300sheets (it's ok on October.2000)

Thank you very much !
We have printed in the MacPeople on august 1.1998 and in the MacFan Internet on august 11.1998 in japanes magazine.

mail to(

GO !
entrance(few english pages are there)

I love the Customized Macintosh !

I want a special macintosh as like this!

Whooooow!!!! Is that a new model about 8500?(99.4.16)



+Big G3stickers

 (E)Let's put make-up
...english pages

good looking mouse with silver PB

Let's put make-upon the PBG3(99.5.10)

true painted and customized my macintosh and goods.

Link & link about japanes macintosh user groups.

        look my town`s infomations !
and look too !
The party of making strongest 6100

please make a Link !
DL this icon and make a join.
forever…Power Macintosh 6100 CustomPaintComputers
MacDIO! That`s the way!
The Cyber Mosquite  we like new soft !
This page is to provide Japanese information related to Apple products and Japanese Apple user projects.

Tank you jpin to us!
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